Tradeshow event photography with Mercedes Evo Bus at the NEC in Birmingham

I was hired by Mercedes UK Evo Bus division to photograph their exhibit at the Birmingham NEC Bus and Coach show 2017. Mercedes had a stand taking up the central area of the exhibition space displaying 3 of it's latest products, a cafe networking area, reception desk and information booths for its services. 

Corporate Tradeshow and Exhibition Event Photography

My brief was to capture the exhibition set up, customers interacting with the exhibition space, Mercedes branding and logos, along with customers enjoying the cafe space and networking. With trade shows and exhibitions spaces there is a whole scope of photography opportunities to be had. The main understanding is appreciating the busy periods and when the stand will look the most 'full'. As I was only on site for 1 day I had to plan my shots accordingly.

For instance, the wide shots and shots showing mercedes placement in the building were best around mid morning to lunch time when the venue was at its highest capacity. I also like to set up a tripod to give variation in my exhibition photography showcasing movement and flow. I feel this encourages the viewer to take note of the product more easily and it adds a different dimension to the images. These type of shots are often used in corporate brochures and on websites as they obscure faces which in turn is great for licensing images. 

I think to producing professional trade show photography is creativity. I do feel anyone can capture a space, even with an iPhone. But a professional photographer can see differently. They are able to pick up on the wider story telling aspect which differentiates the company and its brand. It's finding and anticipating those moments of interactions between delegates, customers and guests with your product and services. A photographer needs to be adaptable. If you spot a moment happening, then you have to make a judgement call and capture what is important at that moment. 

And ideally the client will have briefed the photographer with a hit list of images they would like or in this case trust my years of experience in delivering what I feel you need. Which generally, goes above and beyond what is expected of me!