PR Photoshoot with Tech Company Curiscope

The Brief

Curiscope, a virtual reality education company needed some PR Brand Photography for their website and social media. The producers needed both stills and video as part of the final deliverables. I was booked to photograph the behind the scenes (BTS) stills and produce additional specials photography that created fun, interactive content of the talent.

With experience as an on set photographer I understand the importance of time and making opportunities happen. Producer Ed was on hand to steal the talent when they had a break from filming for a quick stills photoshoot on the side. We were able to focus our time on getting genuine reactions and a lifestyle feeling to the images. Another key part of the brief was to capture the kids interacting with the product in a way that showed clearly the product and technology used.

We ended up using a mixture of natural light and the on set available lights inbetween takes. Sometimes a still photographer can’t get the best angle during the main shoot so it’s vital to speak up and grab that 1 minute with the talent at the appropriate time to get a better angle and face to camera options.

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