Marketing Campaigns I like: Keanu Reeves and Squarespace

Ok, so I do have a soft spot for Keanu Reeves with my favourite popcorn movies of the 90's include Point Break and Speed. That aside, let me highlight a beautiful partnership between a celebrity and a brand which caught my eye this week.  Keanu Reeves has teamed up with Squarespace on the back of his prior involvement with the brand on the genuine launch of his personal website. Here's a clip of the television commercial which launched during the Super Bowl 2018, which is an expensive slot by American advertising standards!


Let me focus on the following:

1. Genuine partnership and relationship that creates an authentic story

What could be more powerful than a genuine story between a celebrity and a brand? It's just pure genius. And the partnership is so real and evokes all that a marketer could ever want! I love it. Story and authenticity are super important in todays educated and information rich society. And it's a nice story. Keanu actually uses Squarespace! Plus his blockbuster, action packed, cool dude personality adds a huge pulling power when it comes to the Squarespace target audience. Keanu Reeves has been a loved movie star over many decades and people will connect with his endorsement of the Squarespace platform. 

2. Behind the scenes content and making of the commercial

Um. If you don't make a behind the scenes video for use on social media then you are in the wrong decade. This is 2018. Content is king! And GREAT content people share! Spreading your brand and message, capitalising on what was already an expensive shoot. See, the thing with filmmaking and creating television commercials is there is always downtime! I've worked as a stills photographer on set for many tv shows and increasingly as a commercials stills photographer, and there is always set up time. The main unit may need to turnaround and set up the set for a different angle which all takes time. The talent is then offered the opportunity to hang around or go back to their trailer. But for the behind the scenes crew, this means potential! Potential to grab a portrait or to do an interview. Of course there is set etiquette and ways of booking this time! 

The first port of call is booking a slot with the assistant directors on set who can allocate time for an EPK shoot. Where the talent is booked in for say 10minutes, the EPK team will have previously set up an area for the interview and voila. More content for you to use online. It is mainly down to the organisational skills and know how of the behind the scenes crew that can capitalise on moments which make or break your content!



3. Stills Photography Campaign and multi media use on Instagram

The stills photography campaign is stunning. The photographer is Marcus Eriksson, please check out his work and the additional stills here. I think out of all the media I saw the instagram feed, the above moving image hits an important note. And the future of photography lies with blending technology across all marketing outlets. And effectively. Engaging the viewer whilst staying on brand and on message with the entire campaign. I will certainly be taking note and implement the moving image in my work. Watch this space!

4. Call To Action and Teaser Ads

Before I sign off. Squarespace or the creatives behind the campaign have delivered a series of commercials encouraging call to action. These spots are a perfect way of continuing a campaign and reminder of the most important aspect, for users to sign up. The teaser spot also fits in nicely with the stills photography campaign providing pure synergy across all platforms. 

Do you agree. Love to hear what campaigns have stuck out for you? Let me know in the comments below. 


Stills Photography: Marcus Eriksson