On set photographing TV Commercials in Manchester and London

I spent my weekend on back to back television commercials photographing some publicity stills for both Guide Dog’s first television advert campaign and Ideal Boilers.

Experienced London BTS Commercials Photographer

I work closely with a production company that offers clients and advertising agencies both BTS stills photography and BTS video production services. Sometimes I can get confirmation on a shoot actually going ahead the day before the production starts. Ideally we would get the client to sign off on a photography brief which enables the photographer to plan a schedule of must get shots for the shoot. As filming can be very costly and time is of the essence. So it is paramount the stills photographer gets key campaign images during and around the main filming.

Luckily the agency who books the photographer is on set and able to support the photographer in getting time with the talent. They can also guide the photographer in which set ups are more important over others.

For the actual shoot, I spent Thursday and Friday running around a football pitch capturing the talent in various action sequences playing football. They say working with both animals and children on film sets can be challenging but this lot were incredible! Lots of energy, no rain and a fun camera crew! What else could a photographer want!

I was then booked in to photograph the BTS publicity stills campaign for Ideal Boilers television commercial which was filming in Manchester on the Saturday and Sunday. A quick 4 hour journey up the M40 and M6 I was booked into a hotel, putting all the equipment on charge and formatting my memory cards ready for the weekend photography.

I can’t say much at this stage, but we had a fun weekend hanging out with a boy band who were on set to promote the boiler brand.

I look forward to sharing the final campaign when it comes to print early next year and indeed any images that are published on social media. If you are looking for a social media stills photographer please get in touch and we can discuss next steps!

Guide Dogs - Television Commercial

Guide Dogs - Television Commercial

Clapper Board from Ideal Boilers commercial in Warrington, Manchester

Clapper Board from Ideal Boilers commercial in Warrington, Manchester

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