The Sunday Times Festival of Education - event and conference photography Berkshire

Here's a backdated blog post on the Sunday times festival of education I photographed in 2014! This event has a special place in my heart as my brief was to photograph every speaker on the program. And if you've ever been to wellington college over in Berkshire it's a rather large school campus. I was running around like a headless chicken from one end to the other in each 30minute slot.

Aside from the heat exhaustion, it was a great education event with a packed program of celebrity speakers, teachers, and political figures from around the United Kingdom. 

I spent two days as the official event photographer, photographing all the exhibitors and delegates interacting and networking in all spaces. It was important to capture the branding of all the festival sponsors in an engaging way that showed the spirit of the event. Sometimes it requires a little patience and waiting for that perfect moment to happen.

Here are some highlights: