Why hire a professional private party photographer for your next anniversary, birthday or dinner reception?

Hiring a professional photographer for your next party, anniversary, birthday celebration or event is like discovering the CHOCOLATE icing on the cake. Okay, too British Bake Off for you? But there are heaps of reasons why you should have an experienced photographer and I'm going to list some of the main reasons right here, right now:

  • Delegate, relax and enjoy being looked after for once!

Parties are an investment in terms of your time, dedication and sanity! Months of planning all those fine details, deciding on catering, venues, guest lists and trying to give everyone an all round fab experience. Reward yourself with documenting the event by a professional photographer so you at least know you'll have some exceptional photographs to remember all those moments and details. And one less thing to worry about!

  • Professional photographers see differently

    Take the photo below. A professional event photographer knows not to intrude and capture natural moments. But sometimes you have to wait and anticipate the shot. Standing your ground and capturing something that encapsulates the mood of the drinks reception which in this case is celebrating a friends birthday.



  • Posed photographs to camera

I think one of the greatest things a photographer can do, is take charge and just jump in and grab that group shot. I see it as a nice way to engage with the group and get to know guests so we can create fun, organic images throughout the night. 



  • Unposed natural photographs

Capturing those candid moments happening everywhere. And often if you don't have a professional party photographer your designated photographer may end up chatting themselves. Missing out on the party and the story unfolding!

  • Professionals have backup equipment

What wedding photography drills into you is you can not miss that first kiss, that first dance, hilarious speech moment. A professional will generally bring 2 camera bodies and backups of their equipment. I have 3 camera bodies...just in case! Spare batteries, spare flashes, cards and toolkit of lighting equipment. There are no excuses. It's our job to take the pressure and understand we are here to deliver images, no matter what! Phew. You can then, relax and enjoy your party!


Source: www.lauraradford.com