Television and Feature Film Publicity Stills

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  • Unit stills on productions (Film, Television, TV Commercials)
  • Behind the scenes on productions (Film, Television, TV Commercials)
  • Specials and portrait commisions

On the side of my corporate work I am a UK unit stills photographer with recent TV credits including BBC dramas ‘Call The Midwife’, ‘Father Brown’ to Sky One's 'Lucky Man', 'Delcious' and various Independent feature films. 

The stills photographer's job is to capture stills from the film shoot that capture the story of the scene and strong portraits of each character, by themselves and in groups. The stills photographer is also responsible for documenting the behind the scenes and capturing the story behind the camera.

This usually involves capturing shots of the director interacting with the cast on and off set and to documenting heads of departments. Don’t confuse the role of a unit photographer with the EPK team. The EPK team are geared towards interviews of cast and generally behind the scenes video of the film set and what’s going on behind the main camera. All of this material gathered during principal photography is so important in marketing a film and can help grow an audience.

And really can make or break the commercial success of a film. Unfortunately alot of independent film productions fail to see the importance of film marketing prior to the completion of the film. The process starts from the concept!